Trash Panda is one of my passion projects that me and other students developer during our final semester at George Brown.

main Menu

The game is a single Player Real Time strategy game, where you are controlling woodland animals to take over a town.  This game is being developed for the Unity platform.

To gain resources you must send a unit over to a garbage can to take it over.  The player has a centralized base where he can build all his units at. This building is also where you can start research for new units


my contribution to this project was to implement the AI for the individual units so that they can follow the player’s orders.

I also implemented the AI for the computer player this was a challenge because while I had the code base ready to make it do whatever I wanted it to do. I was hard to decided what actions it should take and when.

Another of my major task was to improve the performance of the game to ensure the game run at an acceptable frame rate on out test machines.

This project is still in development and we have many features we want to implement.