Game Programming Professional

A highly accomplished Game Programming professional with extensive programming experience and passion for developing games and executing agile methods to meet organizational goals and objectives. I have a proven track record for developing and maintaining clean and well documented code. I excel in learning new techniques to make sure the tasks I am assigned get completed in a timely manner.

Key Skills and Accomplishments

  • Languages: C#, C++,JavaScript, HTML, Java,Swift, C, Python
  • Multimedia Library: DirectX, OpenGL, SFML
  • Engines: Unity3D, Unreal 4
  • 3D graphics software, Blender,
  • 2d graphics software: Gimp, Photoshop,Inkscape, flash

Professional Experience


Global Game Jam, Toronto, On, 2016

Hangry Volcano(Unity3D) (1 month)

The game is a walking simulator on a Volcanic Island. During the day the villagers go meet in the village center before walking about the Island.  At night and during eruptions they return to hide in their respective huts.

  • Implemented villager Ai subroutines
  • Imported Art assets and code assets from other team members to ensure no conflicts arose
  • Implemented Unity cloth physics
  • Available on Global Game Jam website



JadeLens Productions, Toronto,On, 2015

SteamPunk World’s Fair video game(Mobile Unity3D Game) (4 month)

The game in an endless runner where the player plays a robot that has to collect cogs and screws to repair his failing body integrated 3rd party ad revenue library

  • Implemented upgrade system
  • Implemented player movement and controls
  • Integrated 3rd party ads
  • available on Google Play Store



RohanNaidu Games, Toronto, On 2014

Ruzty Duck Shooter(Mobile Unity3D Game) (4 month)

the game is a mix of galaga and duck hunt, where the player has to shoot the waves of ducks before they reach the bottom

  • Optimized the game for lower end devices
  • Implemented enemy spawning and behavior
  • available on website



RohanNaidu Games, Toronto, On, 2014

Impussible Kitty (Mobile Unity3D Game)(4 month)

The game is a hard platformer, where the player must avoid obstacles and collect gems.

  • Optimized touch control for mobile devices
  • Implemented environmental hazards
  • Imported art assets
  • available on website



RohanNaidu Games,Toronto,On, 2014  (4 month)

pacha-spazehawgz(Mobile Unity3D Game)

fast paced reflex game where you have to spin the earth to make sure the asteroids hit the correct part of the shield

  • Optimized touch control for mobile devices
  • available on website


Programmer /3D Artist,Toronto,On, 2014 (2 month)

Asteroid clone(Blender Game Engine)

a starcraft themed clone of the classic asteroid game programmed in python


George Brown College

Advanced diploma in Game Programming 2016

-References available upon request-