Hangry volcano Title page

Toronto Global Game Jam 2016

This definitively was a learning experience for me as this was my first game jam. The Theme this year was Ritual.

This game is about ritualistic sacrifice to the volcano Gods! Talk to the Shaman and he will tell you what sacrifice the volcano gods require. Find it and feed the volcano! Be aware to not anger the volcano gods by bringing them the wrong food or your island may not survive.

For this project, I was in charge of the AI for the villagers. To do this I made use of the behavior tree I had been working on previously. This really saved a lot of time for the project because it let me focus on the actual villager actions without having to worry about complex layered state machines.

The villagers in the game meet up in the center of the village every morning, after that, they go on about their lives walking around the island. At night they return to their respective huts.  But when the volcano is erupting they also go hide in their huts.

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