gameplay screen

This game was made over the course of a weekend for the ToJam with a team of five people and 2 helpers on the Unity platform.  it was inspired by the SNES Indiana Jones game and Mark of the Ninja. The main mechanics of the game are the hiding mechanic which allows the player to hide in the background of the game or the foreground, and the grappling hook mechanic which allows the player to jump over traps.

programmers: Pier-Olivier Boivin, Joshua Haag, Rashad Mohammed
level designer: Vinay Dhill
artist: Mason Rancourt, Stephanie Cardoso
music: Matt Beckett.


For this project, I was in charge of the grappling hook mechanic the player uses to move around.  I also made the simple script the enemies use to walk around.

Since we wanted our controls to be very tight and responsive, I decided not to use unity’s built in physics and rolled my own solution.  This allowed me to decided exactly how the hook affected the player character directly in terms of velocity and forces.