DevLog # 5

I have decided that from now on the game will be called “Dodge That”, the name is still subject to change so if anyone has a better idea I am open to suggestions.

I have added a new script to handle the spawn rate of the enemies. As of right now, the script is very barebones.

void Update ()
   spawnTimer += Time.deltaTime;
   if (spawnTimer > spawnDelay)
      int r = Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length);
      Instantiate (enemyPrefab, spawnPoints [r].position,Quaternion.identity);
      spawnTimer = 0;

I plan on expanding it so that it will be able to spawn the different enemy types at different rates and positions.


Since the game now has a title I felt like it was time to add in a start menu. It is surprising how such a small change makes the game felt that much more complete. To make the enemy projectile death a bit more interesting I decided to spawn some particles when they die.

That is all for today’s update, next I will continue making some visual improvement to the game. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time