DevLog #4

This blog post will be about fleshing out some of the game mechanic. I plan on having different enemy types to keep the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.   So far I have Three ideas for enemy projectiles; Homing, “Right angle” and Splitter.

The Homing type of projectile will be always be moving towards the player making predictable but hard to dodge in mid air.
The “Right angle” type will only be able to move one axis at a time, either the X or Y but never both at once.
The Splitter will look like a Homing type but after a short timer it will split into 2 smaller projectiles.

With these new enemies the player will need to have a wider array of movement options. What I have planned so far is to give the player a Smash ability which would enable him to quickly move downward as well as removing any X axis velocity. This is of course in addition to the already implemented wall jump.

Next I will be working on enemy spawning and adding score to the game.  Please comment if you have any cool ideas for new enemies or player abilities, Until next time