First blog post

Hello, my name is Pier-Olivier Boivin and this is my game development blog.

I have graduated from the game programming advanced diploma at George Brown College, Toronto.

I was always passionate about the creative side of things before my interest settled on game programming. When I was a teen I tried my hand at drawing cartoons, reading books on how to draw.

After that, I became interested in 3D modeling after watching a show on the television talking about Blender(an open source 3D modeling software) allowed anyone with a computer to make video game art.  I only began to love 3D modeling when I convinced my Technical communications and media arts teacher to change the course content of the classes.

It was also around that time that I started dabbling into programming starting with Python, mostly because it is the scripting language used by the blender game engine. I then took a programming in my last year of high school in which we learned basic html5, JavaScript, visual basic and java.

I then moved back to my hometown of Quebec city and enrolled into a 1 year  3D animation certificate at university Laval, that is when I made my choice to go to George Brown for game programming as I decided that I needed to learn how to program properly