DevLog #1

Today’s blog post is about a special project that I’m working on called Project Dodger (temporary name). 

Like many games, this will have the same theme- trying to avoid being killed  The main character of the game will have to dodge missiles (hence the name) and try to survive as long as possible. This won’t be an easy task because the longer the game progresses​ the more fast paced it will become.

In this first sprint of development I focused on making sure that the main jump mechanic felt right. To achieve this I decided to reset the player’s velocity before every jump, this makes the jump feel more responsive especially when you try to jump after a long fall

gameplay gif
gameplay gif

I also added a trail to the player and some glow to make it slightly more visually interesting.  I will make another post where I go into the details of how I achieved this look 

I will be posting updates in my blog about the process of making the game. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time

Mechanic Prototype: Skyrim Lock Picking

I have decided to start making copying mini-games and mechanics that I find interesting in some video games.

The first mini-game that I have chosen is the lockpicking found in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is one of my favorite games to play.

gif of a Lockpicking mechanic

This mechanic seemed very trivial to implement at first as it in its simplest forms consists of simply matching a rotation however, that would make the mechanic very bland and hard to balance as it would be very hard to increase the difficulty.

To do to add more depth to the mechanic you can let the player succeed when they are close enough to the right rotation.

Next, you make the unlocking process take a certain amount of time, the progress is showed by the rotation of the lock itself.

Finally, you show the player how close they are to the right solution by letting the rotation of the lock go further towards the unlock position. To add feedback make the lock shake a little to show that it cannot unlocked .

This example is just a quick prototype there is a lot of polish that can be added for to make this complete, such as sounds and better visual feedback.

source code on Pastebin

Leave a reply if you have a good mechanic that you would like to see implemented.