DevLog # 5

I have decided that from now on the game will be called “Dodge That”, the name is still subject to change so if anyone has a better idea I am open to suggestions.

I have added a new script to handle the spawn rate of the enemies. As of right now, the script is very barebones.

void Update ()
   spawnTimer += Time.deltaTime;
   if (spawnTimer > spawnDelay)
      int r = Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length);
      Instantiate (enemyPrefab, spawnPoints [r].position,Quaternion.identity);
      spawnTimer = 0;

I plan on expanding it so that it will be able to spawn the different enemy types at different rates and positions.


Since the game now has a title I felt like it was time to add in a start menu. It is surprising how such a small change makes the game felt that much more complete. To make the enemy projectile death a bit more interesting I decided to spawn some particles when they die.

That is all for today’s update, next I will continue making some visual improvement to the game. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time

DevLog #4

This blog post will be about fleshing out some of the game mechanic. I plan on having different enemy types to keep the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.   So far I have Three ideas for enemy projectiles; Homing, “Right angle” and Splitter.

The Homing type of projectile will be always be moving towards the player making predictable but hard to dodge in mid air.
The “Right angle” type will only be able to move one axis at a time, either the X or Y but never both at once.
The Splitter will look like a Homing type but after a short timer it will split into 2 smaller projectiles.

With these new enemies the player will need to have a wider array of movement options. What I have planned so far is to give the player a Smash ability which would enable him to quickly move downward as well as removing any X axis velocity. This is of course in addition to the already implemented wall jump.

Next I will be working on enemy spawning and adding score to the game.  Please comment if you have any cool ideas for new enemies or player abilities, Until next time 



DevLog #3

Once again another blog post on project Dodger,

I added the first enemy missile to the game,  it shares some visual effects with the player. I spent quite a bit of time playing with the physics engine to get it moving in a way that was predictable but not too easy to dodge.  The enemy’s very basic AI basically sends it moving towards the player at full speeds.  They are limited by their low acceleration, meaning they cannot easily come to a full stop but once they have you in their sights it becomes hard to dodge them.


I am going to try to design a couple of different types of enemies to keep the gameplay fresh, each one having slightly different movement code and stats

Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time

devLog #2

Today’s blog post is an another update on project Dodger,
I decided to polish the graphics slightly to make it more visually interesting.
First I tried adding a trail to the player to give an impression of speed and a soft neon glow as well. 

animanated gif showing movement

It looked great but I felt it did not look quite right so I decided to split the single big trail into three small ones.

Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time

DevLog #1

Today’s blog post is about a special project that I’m working on called Project Dodger (temporary name). 

Like many games, this will have the same theme- trying to avoid being killed  The main character of the game will have to dodge missiles (hence the name) and try to survive as long as possible. This won’t be an easy task because the longer the game progresses​ the more fast paced it will become.

In this first sprint of development I focused on making sure that the main jump mechanic felt right. To achieve this I decided to reset the player’s velocity before every jump, this makes the jump feel more responsive especially when you try to jump after a long fall

gameplay gif
gameplay gif

I also added a trail to the player and some glow to make it slightly more visually interesting.  I will make another post where I go into the details of how I achieved this look 

I will be posting updates in my blog about the process of making the game. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Until next time